With rookie quarterback Robert Griffin III leading them to their first division title in 13 years, the Redskins are hot in Washington again, and there has been talk of relocating the team from Landover, Maryland, to somewhere inside the District.

But before that happens, says D.C. Mayor Vincent Gray, the team should consider changing its name to something that is more politically correct.

"I think that if they get serious with the team coming back to Washington, there's no doubt there’s going to have to be a discussion about that," Gray told the Washington Post. "And of course the team is going to have to work with us around that issue.”

The mayor did not say the team's name would be a "dealbreaker," but it's something he would like to speak with ownership about.

Gray pointed to Washington's NBA team, which changed its name from the Bullets to the Wizards, as an example of a franchise adapting to the times.

"There’s a precedent for this," Gray said. "And I think there needs to be a dispassionate discussion about this, and do the right thing."

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