The San Francisco 49ers and their fans aren't the only ones benefitting from quarterback Colin Kaepernick's swift rise from backup to Super Bowl starter.

Reno tattoo artist Nes Andrion, who estimates that he has done more than 90 percent of Kaepernick's tattoos, is also profitting from his client's rise to fame. Andrion told TMZ that ever since Kaepernick ascended to the starting role in November, customers have been flowing in with requests for 49ers-themed ink.

“People want to get their tattoos done by the same artist as Colin Kaepernick," Andrion said.

A Patriots fan, Andrion avoided having to make a difficult decision when his team lost to the Baltimore Ravens in the AFC Championship game. But even if New England had won, Andrion says he would have pulled for San Francisco in the Super Bowl.

"To be honest I want [Colin] to take it even though the Pats are my team," Andrion said. "He puts money in my pocket."

Kaepernick's tattoos were the subject of some controversy earlier this season, but the quarterback is not fazed by the criticism. Andrion told TMZ that Kaepernick plans to return to Reno in the offseason to get his chest tattoo finished.