As you may have seen several weeks ago, the Houston Texans' new video board will soon overtake the Dallas Cowboys' monstrosity as the largest screen in all of football.

And now another scoreboard, which is currently in the works, might upstage both the Texans' and the Cowboys' boards. And get this: The new board belongs to a college.

Paul Takahashi writes in the Las Vegas Sun that UNLV is planning on putting a 100-yard-long video screen in its new proposed "mega events" stadium. The screen, which is 40 yards longer than the one in Cowboys stadium, is the centerpiece of UNLV's proposed UNLV Now stadium.

The stadium is expected to cost $800 million and could generate around $400 million a year in direct spending. It could also host an NFL exhibition game, NCAA tournament games, UFC fights and more.

Craig Cavileer, Silverton resort president and Majestic’s project representative to UNLV Now, told the Sun that Las Vegas residents have a lot to look forward to.

"When Vegas puts on a show, people expect something amazing," Cavileer said. "People are going to expect an over-the-top facility. (UNLV Now) should be phenomenal and iconic."

For more information on UNLV Now as well as photos, see here.

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