As if the crippling sanctions and significant blow to his public image haven't been enough punishment, Lance Armstrong was the victim of a joke played by someone at an Australian library.

The disgraced cyclist earned the ire of many across the world last week when, for the first time publicly, he admitted to doping during his cycling career. And after Armstrong's interview with Oprah, a scheming prankster in Australia wanted to have a little fun at the cyclist's expense.

A widely re-tweeted image from Manly Library over the weekend shows a sign in which the library appears to be announcing that it plans on moving all of Armstrong's books, including Lance Armstrong: Images Of A Champion, The Lance Armstrong Performance Program and Lance Armstrong: World's Greatest Champion, from the non-fiction section to the fiction section.

Officials have indicated that the notice was created by a lone wolf, and the library itself will not actually be re-classifying Armstrong's books.

"This was a prank, it happened on Saturday and a member of the public has taken a photo and posted it on social media and it's gone viral on social media," said a spokesman from Manly Council, which runs the library. "However you can't simple reclassify books from fiction to non-fiction."

However, if there ever was a time to re-classify books, it would be now.