These days it seems like for every quality sports radio show there is also a dreadful one, with long-winded rants by dim-witted commentators.

Oftentimes the voices sound the same, and listeners can get caught up in the endless drone.

But a new voice on Baltimore airwaves has many locals excited.

Cullen Little, a 12-year-old sixth grader, has taken the Charm City by storm. After calling in to "The Booker Corrigan Show" in November, Cullen was invited to sit in on the show. It wasn't long before he became a staple, and while host Booker Corrigan doesn't have exact numbers to prove Cullen's influence, he is confident that the 12-year-old's presence has helped with ratings.

And it's not simply the novelty of having a sixth grader on the air that has people talking about Cullen. He's also quite the sports savant.

“One of the things I saw in Cullen was a great ability to communicate at a much higher level than a 12-year-old," Corrigan told the New York Times.

Cullen doesn't simply tell people what they want to hear. Although he's a Ravens fan, he picked the Broncos to beat the Ravens on Saturday. He also thought the Houston Texans would topple the New England Patriots. Cullen explained that Houston's overpowering defensive line would be too much for Patriots quarterback Tom Brady.

“Under pressure, when [Brady] can’t step up into the pocket and be comfortable where he’s used to being, he’s just going to crack, in my opinion," Cullen said last week. "And when he does, and they don’t score 30 points, the Texans are going to come out offensively, throw the ball to Andre Johnson and Owen Daniels, and hand the ball to Arian Foster. I think the Houston Texans are going to win this game, 23-17."

Cullen watches NFL RedZone on Sundays and plays in five fantasy football leagues. He can't watch every NFL game, however, because his bedtime is 9:00 p.m.

To listen to Little on "The Booker Corrigan Show," check out these podcasts.

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