Reggie Wayne had quite the surprise in store for him when we went to The Westin Hotel valet to pick up his car on Sunday morning.

The Indianapolis Colts wide receiver was told that no one had the keys to his 2007 Bentley, and the valet staff had no idea where the car was.

After some investigating, police officers connected the missing car to an arrest earlier that morning. An employee at the hotel valet, Gunner Belcher, was arrested at 2 a.m., Sunday after he was found to be obstructing traffic several blocks away from the hotel.

Officers smelled alcohol on Belcher's breath, and when asked why he was driving a 2007 Bentley without his name on the registration, Belcher told police that he was a "cousin by marriage" of Wayne. Belcher failed a sobriety test and his blood alcohol level was found to be .13.

As it turned out, Belcher had left the hotel at 9 p.m. Saturday without clocking out.

After verifying that the stolen car was Wayne's, police returned it to the Colts' star. He went on to catch six passes for 64 yards and one touchdown in a win over the Tennessee Titans.

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