There wasn't much Andy Murray did wrong this year. The Scotsman won the gold medal in singles at the London Olympics and followed that up with a stellar performance at the U.S. Open, becoming the first British man to win a major in more than 75 years.

But there is one thing the 25-year-old would like to change about his game.

Murray recently spoke with the Daily Record about his foul mouth, and he said in 2013 he'll stop swearing on the court. That's a tall order for Murray, who's been penalized several times recently for cursing.

"... [M]e saying s*** or whatever is bad and wrong," Murray said. "And it's something I want to try to stop doing."

Murray says swearing is widespread among tennis players, but because he curses in English and many line judges speak English, he is often the victim of penalties.

"It isn't as bad as some of the stuff the foreign players come out with," Murray said of his swearing. "I wouldn’t want to name any names but some of what they say is ghastly."

(H/T to Yardbarker)

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