Sam Jones recently accomplished something on the golf course that you would have to see to believe.

Luckily for the 76-year-old Jones, who doesn't see long distances well, he was playing with other people who had better eyesight than he does.

Nick Cole of the Tennessean writes that Jones recorded not one but two holes-in-one during a recent round at Windtree Golf Course in Mount Juliet, Tenn.

The odds of scoring two holes-in-one during a single round are 67 million to 1, according to the National Hole-in-One Registry.

"I was just beside myself," said Milton Frazier, one of Jones' playing partners. "It is just an unbelievable feat. If I had not seen it with my own eyes, I wouldn't believe it -- I saw it and it is still hard to believe."

Jones used his Cleveland 4-iron hybrid for both shots. The first was on the par-3 fifth hole, a distance of 120 yards. The second was on the par-3 11th hole, a distance of 125 yards.

"I was just kind of dumbfounded, I guess," Jones said of how he felt after his second hole-in-one. "I thought it was going to be short, but it hit the green about middle of the way and rolled up into the hole."

While many people never record a hole-in-one during a lifetime of golf, Jones' double will go down in the Windtree Golf Course history books.

"For an amateur to accomplish something like that," said Dan Felton, events director at Windtree Golf Course, "is pretty unheard of."

(H/T to USA Today)

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