A clip of some Yule logs burning, played on loop recently on the video board at the Saskatchewan Roughriders stadium, may have been a little too realistic.

The local fire department received several calls from nervous passersby claiming the stadium was on fire. Some even said they smelled smoke. When rescuers got to the stadium, they found no danger. The only fire at the stadium was animated, the seasonal message played by the organization on the video board.

"It's funny, someone jokingly said, 'Y'know, I don't know about that Yule log. Someone is going to think the stadium is on fire,'" Jim Hopson, the Roughriders CEO, told CBC news. "Sure as heck, someone thought the stadium was on fire."

The fire department asked the team to remove the video, calling it a "public safety concern." The Roughriders have since replaced the Yule log image with a "thank you" message to fans.

(H/T to Off the Bench)

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