A banner year for Michael Phelps has ended on a sour note, as TMZ is reporting that the Olympic legend and his model girlfriend have called it quits.

According to TMZ, Phelps felt that his relationship with 25-year-old Megan Rossee "wasn't going anywhere, so he decided to end it so he could pursue other options."

The couple, whose relationship was revealed around the time of the London Olympics, have reportedly been dating for 10 months.

The break-up happened in the last few days, as the couple was at the Baltimore Aquarium together on Dec. 27.

On Saturday, model and former professional wrestler Stacy Keibler posted a photo of herself and Phelps playing beer pong in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico. Keibler, who is an item with George Clooney, is, like a Phelps, a Maryland native, and she was once a Ravens cheerleader.

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