Buried on a team with several quality big men, Enes Kanter may not be developing as quickly as the Utah Jazz hoped. Indeed, his NBA ceiling still remains somewhat of a mystery.

But less than two years into his career, this much is clear; no one in the NBA is having more fun than Kanter.

Between perfecting "The Worm," ridding his house of ghosts and playing professional basketball, Kanter has somehow found a way to develop telekinesis.

That's right, Enes Kanter can do mind tricks. Or so he says.

The Turkish big man recently posted a video of himself pulling a string of yarn through his neck. Granted, he may have some work to do on the theatrics, but give him credit for trying. He's got a pretty busy schedule when he's not practicing, filming and uploading magic tricks to YouTube.

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This isn't the only time Kanter has performed magic. He's also got a straw trick that he's pulled off at IHOP.

Watch out, Dos Equis guy, you've got some competition for your title.

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