If the world did really end on Dec. 21, no one would have had a cooler lead-up to the apocalypse than aerobic paraglider Horacio Lloren.

The Spaniard recently set out to break the single dive record for infinity tumbles, a move invented by his cousin. According to Red Bull, an infinity dive is when "the pilot goes over the vertical line of the paraglide sail in consecutive loops." Someone who nailed an infinity dive would experience a pull six times the force of gravity.

Lloren, who made the jump in Guatamala in a nod to the Mayans, needed to pull off more than 392 loops. And not only did he break that mark, he crushed it.

As you'll see in the video below, Lloren recorded 568 dives in a row. And he says he could have done more, but he got dizzy. That's understandable.

(H/T to Wired)

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