Tiffany Gerow had been wrestling with her cousins since she was a little girl, but that experience didn't guarantee her a spot on the Carolina High School wrestling squad.

Gerow had to earn her way onto the traditionally all-male wrestling squad, and that wasn't easy.

"We had to do 500 jump ropes, one mile, 400 jump ropes, one mile, 300 jump ropes, one mile," Gerow told Fox Carolina. "And you get where I'm going with this. It went all the way to 100 jump ropes and 5 miles."

This is the first time Gerow has played a competitive sport, so naturally she has a lot to learn. While she has not won a match yet, she's making progress. Over the weekend Gerow made it through one period without getting pinned.

"She just keeps on fighting. She never lets herself get down," said Mac Raymond, Carolina High School's wrestling coach. "She gets upset when she loses, but you would expect an athlete or a competitor to get upset, but she comes back the next day and she's ready for more."

Gerow knows that even though she made the team, there are still a lot of people doubting her abilities. And she's looking forward to proving the naysayers wrong.

"I'm gonna do my best," Gerow said. "I'm gonna do what I enjoy and I'm gonna have fun proving everybody who says a girl can't, I'm gonna show them I can."

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