If Mike Vrabel worked anywhere but as an assistant coach on a football team, this injury might be hard to explain.

But because Vrabel is the defensive line coach for the Ohio State Buckeyes, everyone probably got a good laugh out of his recent predicament.

Before the Ohio State-Michigan game on Nov. 24, Vrabel was so pumped up that he headbutted one of his players. Unfortunately for Vrabel, his player was wearing a helmet and he was not.

Vrabel's unfortunate error resulted in one gruesome looking injury.

The former New England and Kansas City linebacker might have been spared some embarrassment had his wife, Jen, not tweeted a photo of his injury.

But alas, Jen couldn't help herself. On Wednesday, 11 days after the game, she tweeted, "Best not to headbutt a guy w/a helmet on when you aren't wearing one!! #einstein." She included the photo revealing the damage.

Jen said in a later tweet that she didn't know how many stitches her husband got, but she knew the injury reached his skull.

You can take the man out of football, but you can't take the game out of the man.

(H/T to Busted Coverage)

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