Once billed as "The Answer" to the NBA's post-Michael Jordan debate, Allen Iverson is in need of some creative solutions for his own future. And fast.

Iverson's finances have been questioned in the past, and they are once again a topic of discussion after some revealing divorce filings.

TMZ reported that Iverson recently filed court documents in Georgia as part of his ongoing divorce proceedings, and they reveal some extremely questionable financial decisions.

The documents show that Iverson spends $10,000 a month on clothes and another $10,000 monthly on grocery and house items. Add that to $1,000 a month on dry cleaning, $5,000 a month on entertainment and $5,000 on restaurants, and you've got some serious debt.

In fact, even though Iverson has a reported monthly income of $62,500, he is still in the red. His expenses total upwards of $350,000 each month. Almost a third of that money is spent paying off creditors and mortgages.

One purchase that is not dragging Iverson down is his $400,000 Maybach, which is reportedly paid for in full.

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