As the Dallas Cowboys organization mourns the death of Jerry Brown, the practice squad linebacker who was killed in an alcohol-related crash, some within the organization have begun thinking about how to prevent similar incidents in the future.

Early Saturday morning, Brown was killed after a car driven by teammate Josh Brent hit a curb and flipped over. Brent faces charges of driving under the influence and intoxication manslaughter.

Calvin Hill, a consultant for the Cowboys, spoke with Jarrett Bell of USA Today before Sunday's game between Dallas and Cincinnati. One option Hill said the team is looking into is the use of a small electronic device called 'SafeKey' which tests a player's impairment. If it is determined that the player cannot drive, the device will immobilize the player's vehicle.

"We are considering that," Hill told Bell.

However Bell notes that there is still a potential hurdle for the Cowboys in the form of the NFL Players Association:

"It is unclear whether the NFL Players Association would sign off on allowing teams to mandate such a measure for players," Bell writes.

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