At this rate, Julian Newman's high school basketball career may be longer than most players' professional careers.

Newman is a 4-foot-5 fifth grader and he is starting on the varsity squad at Downey Christian in Orlando.

The coach, who happens to be Julian's dad, said he didn't have any other choice after Julian dropped 91 points in three quarters against middle schoolers.

"He has a tremendous skill level," Jamie Newman told MaxPreps. "He has moves that even NBA players don't have. He does stuff that hasn't been done before with the ball."

Downey Christian is a very small school, so it's not like Newman beat out dozens of other players fot a spot, but his moves have drawn notice. Last week Downey Christian squared off against Crooms Academy, and Crooms coach Don Smith came away impressed.

"He is one of their better players," Smith said. "He's not playing just because he is Jamie's son."

Below you can see some of Newman's highlights. Unfortunately the video cuts off after many of his shots, probably because they didn't go in. As if getting a shot off over someone who is a foot or two taller isn't enough of an accomplishment.

Image for MaxPreps Video.

And did we mention Newman's nickname is "Handles"? Here's why:

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