Will Hill is upset and understandably so.

The New York Giants safety just completed serving his four-game suspension by the NFL for using a banned substance that he says is Adderall. Hill says that he has had ADHD all his life, and that he began using Adderall in the spring.

"It is a medical condition and people do take it for medical (purposes)," Hill told Newsday. "I know there are other people who do take it for like, to be up, to have fun, things like that, but some people really need to take it because if they don't take it, then what? There's going to be problems. People are going to be agitated and things are going to go on. There'll be people like me, I can't take it no more."

Hill, who went undrafted out of Florida, began using the drug before being signed by the Giants in the spring. He found out at the rookie symposium that the drug was illegal within the NFL, and he knew he was in trouble because he had already taken a drug test.

Hill is the second member of New York's secondary to fail a drug test because of Adderall, which the league considers a performance-enhancing drug. While the NFL does note disclose the findings of its drug tests, Tyler Sash claims that he too was suspended for taking Adderall.

Adderall can be used legally in the NFL as long as a player applies for an exemption form the league, which is
what happened with Giants running back Andre Brown.

But Sash was unclear why his case was different than Brown's.

(H/T to Larry Brown Sports)

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