A Bay Area man accused of double homicide is gaining national attention for his sick and twisted antics during his trial this week.

The San Francisco Chronicle reports that as prosecutor Harold Jewett grilled Nathan Burris regarding the 2009 murder of Burris' ex-girlfriend and one of her friends, the 49-year-old Burris impatiently snapped his fingers and asked a jury to find him guilty so he could get back to his cell to watch the Philadelphia Eagles and the New Orleans Saints square off on Monday Night Football.

"I did it. So what?" Burris said. "No remorse, no regrets, no mercy. ... You want me to draw it out in crayon?"

Burris already tried to plead guilty shortly after the shootings, but a judge would not allow him, pointing to a state law that says capital murder suspects cannot plead guilty without a defense lawyer's consent. After consulting with a lawyer, Burris ultimately decided to plead guilty once again.

Burris, who is now representing himself, appeared extremely impatient during Monday's proceedings. According to the Chronicle, he stopped answering Jewett's questions after half an hour.

"This isn't Sesame Street," Burris said, referring to the jury. "They get it, bro."

Closing arguments are set for Tuesday, and if Burris is found guilty the trial will move to the death penalty phase, where Burris will receive either life in prison without parole or a death sentence.

(H/T to Deadspin)

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