Boston College has suspended a women's soccer player in advance of Friday's matchup with Penn State after several insensitive tweets she made about former Penn State defensive coordinator Jerry Sandusky.

Stephanie McCaffrey, a sophomore and the team's second-leading scorer, sent out a slew of insensitive tweets on Wednesday and Thursday:

"I wonder if well get into the visitors locker room at Penn state…I hear the showers are weiners only, 10 and under"

"Raping at penn state to getting raped in state penn… #beatPennState #santouchsky #legggooeags"

"Sandusky used to cart the kids around in this#handydeliverytrucks…"

McCaffrey's account, @stephyymac, has since been deleted.

Sean Sylvia, a safety on Boston College's football team, retweeted McCaffrey and offered her praise for her remarks.

"@stephyymac is literally making me die with all her tweets#makingmyweek #beatPennState #headonaswivel #sanduskyville"

Sylvia's account has also been deleted.

Boston College athletic director Bob Bates suspended McCaffrey and issued the following statement:

"The student-athlete used very poor judgment and exhibited insensitivity towards Penn State for which she apologizes. This type of behavior is not tolerated among our student-athletes."

Top-ranked Penn State squares off against Boston College at 7:30 p.m. in State College.

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