Rand University may not be an accredited academic institution, but don't tell that to Randy Moss.

The 49ers wide receiver has spoken often about a Rand University, which is what he and his friends labeled the 7-Eleven in his hometown of Rand, West Virginia. During player introductions on nationally televised games, Moss sometimes says he graduated from Rand University. (Moss actually attended Marshall University).

"Growing up in a low-income area, the one thing we had was a 7-Eleven," Moss' business manager and one of his closest friends, Donnie "Blue" Jones, told the Boston Globe in 2008. "We've had all-state athletes here, but because of the environment in which they grew up, people in the community would say, 'It doesn't matter. He isn't going anywhere but Rand University.'"

On Monday Moss tweeted this photo, of him sitting on a dumpster outside the 7-Eleven. He wrote, "I'm at the university." He also posted a photo of him standing in front of the convenience store, writing, "In my hood checking on grade point averages (gpa)!!!!boom"

Not many professional athletes make it out of Rand, West Virginia, so for Moss, returning home can be a humbling experience.

"Being from here, it helps me stay grounded," Moss told the Boston Globe, "because there weren't many things to look forward to, not many people to look up to. That's why I feel lucky and very, very blessed to be successful, and why I'll never get carried away with that success."

(H/T to Larry Brown Sports)

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