If you were a Brooklyn Nets fan searching for the team's website, Nets.com would seem like a reasonable destination.

But as thousands of angry Brooklyn fans have surely discovered, not only is Nets.com the wrong domain, it actually directs fans to the official website for the New York Knicks.


Last month, Nets.com directed people to a different but equally frustrating site. When someone tried to get to the Nets official website, they were brought to a primitive looking page with the following text (via Larry Brown Sports):

"Looking for the New Jersey Nets?

Looking for the Brooklyn Nets?

They’re not here…but they SHOULD be!

After all, there’s just one team:

The Nets!"

At the bottom of that site there was Russian text which translated roughly to, "Mikhail, have you noticed? Vilena wondered…" That is presumably a reference to a prostitution case (since dropped) that allegedly involved Nets owner Mikhail Prokhorov at a French ski resort in 2007.

That page also had a picture of Dallas Mavericks owner Mark Cuban sticking his tongue out, which fueled speculation that Cuban was behind the prank. After all, Cuban has some serious beef with Prokhorov.

Deadspin did some investigating, and it turns out Cuban was not the prankster. Nets.com is actually owned by a computer systems company called Cyber Mesa.

So who's behind this website mess? We may never know.

The mystery of the Nets.com troll lives on.

(H/T to Deadspin)

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