For those of you who weren't aware, Twilight: Breaking Dawn Part 2 premiered Monday in Hollywood. And this morning we're learning that two demographics were very well represented on the red carpet: Teenage girls and NBA players.

Los Angeles Clippers DeAndre Jordan, Trey Thompkins and Caron Butler as well as Los Angeles Lakers Antawn Jamison and Steve Blake were spotted at the Nokia Theater in Los Angeles. And they didn't just attend the premier. Oh, no. They rocked the red carpet.

Jordan and Butler both tweeted photos of the scene on the red carpet. Jordan described the premier as "insane" while Butler wrote, "This is crazy!"

As you can imagine, there were more than a few celebrities at the Nokia Theater, and Jordan and Thompkins were sure to introduce themselves. They bumped into Jaleel White (who played Steve Urkel on Family Matters) and Taylor Lauttner.

While Butler actually had a good excuse to be at the premier--he brought his daughter-- it is unclear whether the four other NBAers just wanted to mingle with Hollywood's finest or are actually Twilight buffs. Probably the former.

Unfortunately, we've received no word on whether the movie was actually good.

(H/T to Big Lead Sports)

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