Robin Lopez should be used to heights by this point. The 7-footer is the tallest player on the New Orleans Hornets, and he's probably been one of the biggest guys around for most of his life.

But sometimes, the biggest trees fall the hardest.

That was certainly the case for Lopez on a recent day at Disney's Magic Kingdom. Robin, along with his twin brother and Brooklyn Nets center Brook, took a turn on the roller coaster "Splash Mountain."

As you'll notice in the photo, which was published Thursday on Grantland, Brook looks like he's having a blast. Robin, however, seems scared out of his mind. His facial expression, along with his flowing locks, provide for one hilarious image.

Lopez should be happy that he wasn't too tall to ride the roller coaster in the first place. Other NBA centers haven't been so lucky.

(H/T to Cosby Sweaters)

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