Olympic hurdler Lolo Jones thew her hat into the hypothetical Usain Bolt-Denard Robinson "run-off" this weekend, saying she could beat Michigan's speedy quarterback in a race.

Jones was guest-picking college football match-ups on ESPN's College Gameday, and when it came time to decide between Michigan and Minnesota, Jones went with the maize and blue.

As part of her pick, Jones made sure to challenge Robinson, one of the fastest players in college football:

"Denard Robinson, you couldn't beat me in a race, let alone Usain Bolt," Jones said, "but I'll give you and your team the win today."

Unfortunately for Jones, her beating Robinson in the 100-meter dash is about as unlikely as Robinson beating Bolt. Jones doesn't run the race anymore, but her personal best time came in 2006, when she ran it in 11.24 seconds. Robinson was clocked at 10.62 seconds during the 2009 Florida High School State Championship Meet.

In college, Jones ran the 60-meter dash in 7.38 seconds. Robinson ran the same race in 6.81 seconds.

It should be mentioned that Jones is a hurdles specialist and Robinson is a sprinter. So while Robinson would likely smoke Jones in the 100-or 60-meter dash, Jones might have a chance if they were doing hurdles.

A few months ago, Robinson said he could beat Usain Bolt over 40 meters. That's also unlikely, but it'd be great to see Robinson, Bolt, Jones and Tennessee Titans running back Chris Johnson all go head-to-head.

At least we know this much: Jones probably has the edge in bobsled.

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