A lot of people probably did a double take when checking the score of Monday's Texas-Chaminade game at the EA Sports Maui Invitational.

The Swords, a Division II squad which had an all-time record of 6-76 in the tournament before facing off agains the Longhorns, pulled off the improbably upset. And not only did Chaminade defeat Texas, it was never really close. The Swords won by a final score of 86-73, and at one time they held a 19-point second half lead.

The Longhorns constantly attract some of the nation's top talent and last year nabbed a 4 seed in the NCAA tournament. So no one would blame you if at first you didn't believe that they could fall to tiny Chaminade. In fact, even Chaminade's own athletic website appears to be skeptical about the victory.

Hours after the Swords won, goswords.com still listed the game as a loss for Chaminade. To be fair, the website's home page has the score correct. So whoever operates the schedule page must have been a little confused.

The school should probably make the change ASAP, because upsets like these don't come around very often .

(H/T to Game On!)

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