As if Sunday's loss to the Yankees in Game 1 of the ALDS wasn't enough, here's another story about the ill-fated ninth inning that may have Baltimore Orioles fans beside themselves.

The New York Post reported Monday that a pair of Maryland state troopers stationed in the Yankees dugout asked Derek Jeter and Nick Swisher for their autographs during Sunday's game between Baltimore and New York.

According to a person who witnessed the request, Swisher was "livid" with the policemen.

Baseball players might give out more autographs than any other athletes, seeing as they play 162 games and tend to interact more with fans than basketball, football or hockey players. Plus, baseball players have more to give away -- balls, bats, etc.

Still, for two on-duty police officers to ask for signatures before a game is over is absolutely embarrassing.

Or as Jeter put it to the Post when asked if something like this had ever happened: "What do you think?"

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