Adam Carriker may not have been playing for the Washington Redskins when they took on the Atlanta Falcons last weekend, but he still had something to lose.

The fifth-year defensive end was placed on injured reserve a few weeks ago after suffering a torn quadriceps muscle. Carriker is an enormous wrestling fan who even hosts his own radio show, 4th and Pain, and he made a wager with former Atlanta defensive lineman and professional wrestler Bill Goldberg.

If the Redskins won, Goldberg would have to wear a Washington jersey. However if the Falcons won, Carriker would dress up like Goldberg.

The Falcons rallied in the fourth quarter to pull out a 24-17 victory, meaning Carriker had to don the grease and Speedo-like wrestling trunks.

TMZ obtained a photo of Carriker, and by the looks of it, this was more a present than a punishment. Carriker went all out with the grease, armbands, gloves and trunks, and he looks like he's having a great time.

This should be a lesson to other NFL players who don't follow through on their bets with entertainers: these things are meant to be fun.

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