Apparently, not everyone is buying into the Ray Allen-Boston Celtics beef.

While Allen's former teammates have had strong words--and cold shoulders -- for the new Miami Heat guard, Allen's mother told TMZ that she still adores her son's old teammates.

"I love the guys," said Flo Allen-Hopson. "They've been in our home. They've been in Ray's home. If they came to my home tomorrow, if they wanted me to cook for them, I would because they are all our sons."

During the summer, Celtics guard Rajon Rondo only referred to Allen by his number, 20, while Kevin Garnett said he no longer had Allen's phone number. None of that animosity seemed to affect Allen's play during the season opener on Tuesday, as he went 5-fot-7 from the field and finished the game with 19 points.

Going forward, Allen-Hopson says she thinks Allen and his former teammates won't stay enemies for much longer.

"I know the man I raised," she said. "Ray went to battle with those guys and they truly love each other ... When it's all said and done and over they'll still be friends."

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