A pizza man and lifelong Ohio State fan recently found himself taking a phone order from the wife of Buckeyes defensive coordinator Luke Fickell. He cracked a joke during at the end of that call but as it turns out he was laughing his way to unemployment.

The employee was a Columbus State college student who asked not to be named when revealing his story to ABC6 in Columbus.

He said Fickell's wife, Amy, placed an order shortly after the Buckeyes defeated the Michigan State Spartans. The employee ended the call with what he thought was a joke, saying, "We really should improve on our tackling, it's really bad right now."

Mrs. Fickell didn't think it was so funny.

The next day, the pizza guy's boss at Iacono's Pizza called to tell him he had been fired. Apparently, Mrs. Fickell had called the restaurant to complain about the employee's commentary. And that was the perplexing ending to one man's career at Iacono's.

"You can't take criticism, in a joking manner too, from somebody who's a fan?" the pizza guy said in an interview with ABC 6. "That's just, like, a little bit ridiculous."

This guy may have gone a bit too far with the joke, but should he have been fired for one quick quip? Definitely not.

(H/T to Off The Bench)

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