Greg Jennings could have given James Jones one of many different presents to celebrate the birthday of Jones' infant son. A toy, for instance, would have sufficed.

Instead, Jennings pulled a prank that Jones won't soon forget.

Jennings, who has missed Green Bay's last three games with a groin injury, filled Jones' Chevy Avalanche with silly string and had a local automotive service remove the tires from the truck. He painted the windows and wrote "Go Pack Go" on the windshield. He also scribbled "Happy Birthday Lil J.J." on the car's windows.

And just so everyone knew who was responsible for the mischief, Jennings tweeted this on Monday:

Apparently, Jennings' prank was payback for some handiwork that Jones did on Jennings' 29th birthday last month, when Jones filled Jennings' car with peanuts.

"They’ve been doing that stuff for years, so you expect it,” Jordy Nelson told the Green Bay Press-Gazette. "I’m surprised he drove to work today."

Luckily for Jones, his birthday isn't until March. Presumably he will avoid Jennings at all costs.

(H/T to Yardbarker)

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