If you're wondering how big this week is for top-ranked Alabama and coach Nick Saban, here's your answer:

Saban was so caught up in preparing for his team's matchup with LSU that he forgot Wednesday was his own birthday.

That's right, Saban turned 61 on Wednesday, but he didn't realize it until his wife reminded him.

ESPN's Samantha Steele rode along with Saban as he went into work Wednesday, and she asked if anything was different Wednesday for the birthday boy:

"My wife said 'Happy Birthday' this morning," Saban told Steele, "and it was like, 'Oh, I forgot.'"

Saban goes on to discuss how difficult it is to remove himself from the football mindset during the season, which is a valid point. Still, birthdays are normally kind of a big deal.

You almost have to feel bad for Saban, which is difficult because it's tough to feel for any living human being who has his own statue (albeit a vandalized one). Saban is so caught up in preparation that he doesn't have time to celebrate "holidays" like his birthday. But, hey, you don't win national championships when you're out partying, right?

(H/T to Game On!)

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