A team of New York City kickballers was in for a surprise recently when renowned sports fan and funny man Bill Murray dropped in for a quick kick.

CollegeHumor.com writer Marina Cockenberg posted several photos on her Tumblr account of the Ghostbusters actor getting in on the action of a game at New York’s Roosevelt Island.

Players told Cockenberg that one of the kickball refs bumped into Murray on the Roosevelt Island tram and invited him to come out and take a few kicks.

"It was my turn to kick and the ref said, 'Do you mind if my friend Bill kicks?'" said Margaret Rainka. "I was thinking, 'Yes I mind, it is my turn to kick I don't want your rando friend to take my turn.' Then I heard someone say it was Bill Murray, so I decided I would let him kick."

Murray, who is known for his zany stunts, gave everyone on the team high-fives and then posed for a picture. He was reportedly with his three sons and only stayed for about 10 minutes.

"I looked at him and asked 'Bill Murray, what are you doing here?'" said Courtney Beard. "He put his hand out, shook mine and said, 'Oh, ya know just wanted to kick the ball around.'"

(H/T to Off the Bench)

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