What once seemed like a promising season for the Pittsburgh Pirates, one in which they appeared to be in reach of the playoffs for the first time in two decades, has come to this:

Tickets for 38 cents each on StubHub. For less than two quarters, you could sit in the upper grandstand for Wednesday's game between the Pirates and the Atlanta Braves.

But Pittsburgh is far from the only team whose fans are practically giving away their tickets.

One lucky Milwaukee fan could snag a seat to Tuesday night's Brewers-Padres game for a penny.

Even the Chicago Cubs, playing in a small stadium in one of the nation's largest cities, saw ticket prices hit rock bottom. Fans were selling seats to the Cubs-Astros games for just 19 cents -- which still might be too high of an asking price considering these are the only two MLB teams to reach the 100-loss mark this season.

On the flip side, if the Yankees end up hosting Game 1 of the World Series, the current price is $300 a seat.

Can't get more American than baseball and capitalism.

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