John Calipari is the coolest college basketball coach around. The Kentucky coach, who counts as friends Drake, LeBron James and Jay-Z, cemented his status as the hippest sideline prowler in the NCAA on Friday when he attended Jay-Z's concert at the opening of Barclays Center in Brooklyn.

Calipari was tweeting about his experience, and he even talked to Jay-Z backstage.

The two discussed the $50,000 fine the NBA slammed on the Nets after Jay-Z visited Kentucky's locker room in 2011. When Calipari joked he might be fined for visiting Jay-Z backstage, the rapper, who is reportedly worth more than $400 million, said he would cover Calipari.

Kentucky will play the first collegiate game at Barclays Center on Nov. 9 when the Wildcats take on Maryland.

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