One San Francisco bicycle enthusiast found an incredibly creative way to support the Giants this week.

Chris Phipps created this route on the social fitness website Strava, and rode it on Tuesday in support of San Francisco's Game 1 starter, Barry Zito.

Phipps has also mapped out another neat path around the city for Saturday's Game 3. Before the Giants take on the Tigers in Detroit this weekend, Phipps will do a 22.7-mile ride which is in the shape of the Giants' logo (see above).

The route may seem complicated, but Phipps has figured out how to connect the dots.

"To get the diagonals, I stop the GPS at point A, then restart it at point B," Phipps said, "and it draws a straight line between the points."

Phipps said his innovative designs began with a 49ers-themed ride in January.

(H/T to Beer Mug Sports)

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