When star quarterback Peyton Manning arrived in Denver this year, he was the first franchise quarterback the town had seen since John Elway. He wasn't, however, the only man named Peyton Manning to take up residence in the Mile High City.

That honor goes to 14-year-old Peyton Scott Manning, whose parents decided to name their son after the quarterback in 1997 when the Tennessee star said would return to school to complete his four-year degree.

"I would have never named him Peyton if I knew (the QB) was going to be a legendary football player anywhere, let alone Denver," the 14-year-old Peyton's mother, Kim, told the Denver Post. "We're not celebrity (starstruck). I just thought it was a great name, and he was full of strength and character. He had a lot of personal attributes you want your son to have. And my son has lived up to it."

Peyton Scott Manning, who says he has always followed and rooted for his namesake, has had trouble creating a Facebook account with his full name. So he settled for Peyton Scott. He is a skilled hockey player, and he doesn't mind sharing a name with one of the greatest quarterbacks ever.

"He's my favorite professional football player and having the same name as him brings a cool kind of attention," Peyton said. "It's not like everybody always talks about it, but when they do I like it. He's one of the most class guys out there, so it's cool, for sure."

(H/T to USA Today)

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