A few Bears rookies received some scary news following a recent meal at a Chicago steakhouse.

After dining on some of Chicago's finest cuisine, the bill came back to the Bears, and it was enormous: $38,091.91.

But as it turned out, some crafty veterans had doctored the tab to make it seem astronomical. They had the restaurant, Mastro's in the River North area, charge the rookies with three "Bears Dinners" at $9,999 each.

After tweeting the original bill Tuesday night, Bears defensive lineman Israel Idonije responded on Wednesday morning with this update:

It is unclear how much the two Bears rookies actually had to pay.

ESPN's Darren Rovell pointed out that the Bears are the second NFL team to have a "rookie night" at a steakhouse this week. The Miami Dolphins rookies also picked up the tab at an expensive steakhouse earlier this week. Their bill came out to $7,400, which is close to what the Bears' bill would have been without the $29,997 charge.

The Dolphins rookies' tab is just a fraction of what Dallas Cowboys rookie Dez Bryant had to pay during his rookie hazing in 2010. After Bryant refused to carry veteran Roy Williams' gear, the Cowboys smacked him with a $54,896 dinner bill.

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