When the Air Force hockey team flew to Buffalo this week for a game against Canisius, the players didn't have to worry about legroom.

That's because the team traveled in a humongous C-17 Globemaster cargo plane. The aircraft is 174 feet long and has a 170-foot wingspan.

Assistant coach Andy Berg tweeted this photo of the team. That much legroom and storage space would cost you a pretty penny on a commercial flight.

Apparently, it's not all that uncommon for Air Force teams to fly in C-17s. Jeff Weintraub of Diehard Sport writes that the Air Force football team took a C-17 to Ann Arbor for its matchup with the Michigan Wolverines earlier this year.

Last winter the Air Force baseball team rode a C-17 to Baton Rouge before taking on the LSU Tigers. Players told WBRZ in Louisiana that flying on the cargo plane is a neat experience for the cadets, some of whom plan on piloting a similar plane after graduation.

Maybe the next time the Navy football team plays a game on the coast, they can take a submarine. Now that would be something.

(H/T to Diehard Sport)

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