Geoffrey Mutai and Dennis Kimetto were practically running stride for stride at the end of Sunday's Berlin Marathon. It seemed like either man could win, and as it turned out Mutai edged his training partner and fellow Kenyan by the slimmest of margins -- one second.

For Mutai, there was more on the line than the Berlin Marathon crown. By winning in Germany, Mutai took home the 2011-12 World Marathon Majors title and the $500,000 prize.

While the result may not seem suspicious, the way the race ended has some people questioning Kimetto's motivation. As you can see in the video below, after keeping pace with Mutai for the entire race, Kimetto did not appear to make a significant kick for the finish line.

If Kimetto had won, Mutai would not have received the $500,000 prize and the World Marathon Majors title, which is an aggregation of several of the world's top marathons. Did Kimetto slow down so Mutai could bring hom the cash?

Here's the video of the finish, you can judge for yourself:

At this point, any accusations of foul play are extremely difficult to prove. But putting the pieces together -- the two men are training partners, Mutai stood to win $500,000, neither man made the customary finish-line push -- one has to wonder if Mutai wasn't the only one who walked away with prize money.

(H/T to Deadspin)

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