The Seattle Sounders are putting the power in the hands of their fans. The Emerald City's MLS team announced this week that it will hold an online referendum on current GM Adrian Hanauer. Starting on Oct. 7, season-ticket holders can give Hanauer either a "retain" vote or a "lack of confidence" vote. Fans will have two months to cast their vote. The idea was the brainchild of actor Drew Carey, who is a minority investor in the team.

"I hate to make this comparison -- this is a really bad comparison -- but, when the country started, when the United States started, nobody wanted the people to have the vote," Carey said. "And the objection they had was the same [objection] that I get from, I won't say who, but other people in sports management in other teams that I mention this to."

Seattle is borrowing this strategy from some of Europe's top squads -- Barcelona and Real Madrid -- which regularly vote on the clubs' president.

It seems likely that fans will retain Hanauer. The Seattle native is in his fourth year as GM, and the Sounders have made the playoffs each season. The club currently has 48 points, good enough for fourth in the Western Conference. The MLS Cup playoffs begin in early November and conclude on Dec. 1 with the MLS Cup 2012.

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