Soccer players at Princeton High School in Minnesota were presented with a revolting scene upon entering their locker room last weekend: Their shoes, jerseys and even soccer balls were covered in urine.

A night earlier, Princeton beat Mound Westonka in a football game. After the game, Mound Westonka used the Princeton girls locker room. A custodian normally cleans out the visitors locker room before locking it, but according to school officials that did not happen. Instead, a school liaison locked the room.

When the soccer players opened their lockers the next day, they could not believe what they saw.

"I think it’s disgusting," said Princeton student Taylor Sleen. "Why would you do that to someone else’s stuff? The soccer balls were all full of it and some soccer people’s shoes were all yellow and stuff -- it’s gross."

No one has been blamed, and both schools are continuing to investigate the prank.

“We are currently investigating the incident. We have been in contact with school officials from the Mound Westonka School District,” said Princeton Superintendent Richard Lahn. “They have been extremely cooperative in working with us to insure the importance of proper sportsmanship is reinforced with students and athletes from both school districts."

(H/T to Deadspin)

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