The old "it's only funny until someone loses an eye" line took on new meaning this week in the form of a lawsuit filed against a Medieval Times restaurant in Southern California.

A South Dakota man and his wife were on their honeymoon when they had seats in the front row at Medieval Times, which provides a themed dinner-theater routine including sword battles and jousting.

In this case, when the swords clashed and clanged, a shard of metal allegedly flew into the left eye of Dustin Wiseman, the plaintiff in this case.

Wiseman "has reportedly gone through three surgeries since and has been rendered legally blind in that eye, according to their lawyer," the O.C. Weekly reports.

His suit seeks $10 million and alleges Medieval Times failed to protect him as a customer and ruined his honeymoon.

"The only thing they actually did was go to the beach, then go to Medieval Times and go to the hospital," attorney Jason Fowler told the O.C. Weekly.

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