One Virginia high-schooler recently combined creativity with some serious connections in successfully asking a girl to their high school's fall dance.

The Washington Post is reporting that a boy at Patriot High School asked senior Victoria Burress, the school's backup place kicker, to the school's Fall Fest with the help of a black helicopter.

Shortly after school ended last Wednesday, the helicopter hovered over the football field and a stuffed bulldog was dropped out. The bulldog had a note which read, "Fall Fest?" Thankfully for all parties involved, Burress accepted the invitation. The boy's father is a senior official in air operations at U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP), and he helped his son score the aircraft.

"He knew it was my senior year, and I’ve been asked some pretty creative ways before this," Burress said. "Everyone thinks that we like each other, but it’s not like that at all. It’s just unusual to be that close with a guy and to have him still do something nice for you."

Administrators say the boy's father cleared the stunt with the school, but the CPB was peeved by the incident. Officials released the following statement:

"We are aware of reports that a locally based CBP helicopter was used improperly by local CBP personnel Sept. 12. CBP management is looking into the matter and the pilot in command of the aircraft has been relieved and reassigned to administrative duties pending completion of the review of the incident."

Students buzzed about the helicopter, and it didn't take long before the stunt was the talk of the school.

"Everyone thought it was cool," said Vic Ceglie, a junior on the school's football team. “All the girls thought it was sweet, and the guys were like, 'That was tight.'"

(H/T to USA Today)

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