Several high profile politicians have criticized the NFL in the wake of Monday night's debacle in Seattle, but Green Bay Mayor James Schmitt took things a step further.

A shareholder of the publicly held Green Bay Packers, Schmitt wrote a strongly-worded letter to Roger Goodell, imploring the Commissioner to take action and end the referees' strike. TMZ first reported that Schmitt would be contacting the Commissioner and later obtained a copy of the letter.

Schmitt expressed concern that the league's stellar reputation is being tarnished by the blunders of the replacement officials:

"The National Football League has become the pinnacle of all professional sports by requiring an elite product from the best of the best, its coaches, players and organizations. It is disheartening to see that elite representation threatened by less than qualified officials who are not quite at the same level as the rest of the League's representatives. I feel the League's integrity is currently at risk because of this gap in performance."

To read the entire letter, see here.

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