What started with a friendly video game ended with an unhinged door, multiple 9-1-1 calls and a pair of domestic abuse charges.

Abrey Mayweather, 19, beat his brother Michael, 21, in a game of "Madden NFL" on Monday in Racine, Wisc. After the game, Abrey began boasting about his victory, and Michael lost it. Abrey got up and walked outside to fight his brother, only to have Michael attempt to lock him out of his apartment. The brothers began fighting in the apartment, but they ripped the door of the hinges and spilled into the hallway.

One witness said the brothers were "really rolling" and that Michael had Abrey in a headlock, according to the criminal complaint. Police recorded finding pieces of broken wood throughout the apartment.

In all, there were four or five 9-1-1 calls from neighbors during the brawl. The brothers were taken to jail, where they were slapped with a pair of domestic abuse charges.

So much for bragging rights.

(H/T to Off The Bench)

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