Tim Bunnell can finally breathe a little easier.

Almost 40 years ago, Bunnell swapped class rings with his then-high school sweetheart, Nancy Den Dulk. But Bunnell didn't have the ring for long, as he gave it to an equipment manager before a football practice at Ripon High School and never saw it again.

This summer, as construction crews replaced sod on the Ripon High School field, a cheerleader spotted a ring. A local paper ran a story about it, and Bunnell went to check it out. It turns out it was the same one that was lost 38 years ago -- a gold ring with a dark blue stone and Den Dulk's initials on the inside.

And now that Den Dulk is Bunnell's wife, she can wear it along with her wedding ring.

"I was in shock," Den Dulk said. "I was just very excited."

Amazingly, the ring was not harmed and barely even scratched.

For a video of the story, see here.

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