Tommy Lasorda has been working with the Dodgers organization in one capacity or another for more than six decades. And Lasorda, who turns 85 this year, has no plans on stepping away. In fact, even after he dies, Lasorda wants to continue helping out the Dodgers.

"I've already told my wife that when I do go I want our home schedule attached to my tombstone," Lasorda told the Los Angeles Times. "I want people who are in the cemetery visiting their loved ones to say, 'Let's go to Lasorda's grave and see if the Dodgers are playing home or away.' Hey, I love this organization so much I want to be working for it even after I'm dead."

Lasorda managed Los Angeles to its last two World Series championships and even had his number retired by the organization. The Dodgers have been bogged down by bureaucracy lately, but Lasorda says he is determined to help Los Angeles win another championship. And while he has had some health issues recently, Lasorda's goal is to live to be 100, so he may very well see Los Angeles' next trophy in person.

"Even though I'll still be cheering for them in heaven, they better [win a championship] before the big Dodger in the sky calls me," Lasorda said. "I don't want to go without knowing we have another world championship."

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