Baseball games are commonly delayed because of rain, and sometimes even snow, but one delay at a minor league game this week was almost assuredly the first of its kind.

A game between the Worcester Tornados and the Newark Bears in Worcester, Mass., was pushed back an hour after a cleaning company sent representatives to take possession of the team's equipment. The Tornados' significant debt to the company prompted this action. After an hour, officials from the Can-Am League contacted the cleaning company and promised the debt would be paid.

The Tornados, who are in last place and 29 games out of first, lost to the Bears, 4-3.

The company, Enterprise Cleaning Co., cleans the Tornados' stadium, bathrooms and concourses. Enterprise's president, Stephen S. Buchalter, said his company had not been paid for its services over the past year. Indeed, a personal property attachment issued by a judge on Monday claimed the team owed the cleaners $5,510.

So Buchalter obtained a court order which allowed his company to take possession of certain parts of the team's equipment and inventory. Fortunately for both sides, no possessions had to be seized, as the commissioner of the league promised to pay Buchalter on Tuesday.

And according to the Worcester Telegram & Gazette, the league followed through on its promise.

This is not the first time the Tornados have been mired in a financial dispute this year. Jose Canseco, who briefly played for the Tornados this summer, claims that the team never paid his salary and is taking legal action.

Northeast Promotion and Apparel, which makes uniforms for the team, also filed two lawsuits against the organization because of a lack of payment.

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