It's been a while since a nursery rhyme did this much harm.

During a Class A game on Wednesday between the Daytona Cubs and the Fort Meyers Miracle, a stadium deejay was ejected for playing an instrumental version of "Three Blind Mice."

The deejay, Derek Dye, played the tune after a questionable call at first base. While it appeared the Cubs first baseman scooped up a low throw from the shortstop, the ball came out of his glove as he turned to throw it around the infield. The infield umpire ruled that the first baseman dropped the ball and that the runner was safe.

This is when Dye, an intern from the University of Illinois, played the song. Home plate umpire Mario Seneca recognized the tune and immediately ejected Dye as well as Daytona's PA announcer.

With both sound men out of the game, the Cubs' staff grabbed buckets to use as noisemakers. Meanwhile, the team's director of group sales and merchandise announced the batters from the stands.

Daytona won the game, 2-1.

"It's a pretty popular children's fable," Dye said after the game. "He's umpiring the game tomorrow, so I don't think I'll be playing it anytime soon."

Amazingly, this isn't the first time someone was ejected for playing "Three Blind Mice" at a minor league game. According to the Orlando Sentinel, an organist was ejected during a Florida State League game in 1985 for playing the same song.

UPDATE: Here's the video from Wednesday's game, and it is fantastic:

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